Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tinchy Stryder & N-Dubz - No.1 in UK !!!

This song is absolutely amazing.

Perfectly timed lines such as "Dappy explain yo" and "See never did I think a boy like me would be in need".

The lyrics are AMAZING.

Constantly listening to this song and it's the current Number 1 in the UK Top 40.

Sweet Dreams - Over the Years

Annie has an amazing set of pipes.
Back in the 80's on the old Arsenio Hall show - she and Dave Stewart came on for a small set. The only difference, she performed 'Sweet Dreams' entirely acapella .
Dave simply stepped back - no guitar or any accompaniment...
she was amazing.

sweet dream are made of these
who am i to disagree

some of them wants to use you

some of them want to get used by you

some of them wants to abuse you

some of them want to be abused