Monday, June 22, 2009

Casi Angeles to Israel this October

Dedicated to my daughter Hila who is a big fan of Casi Angeles...

Kurt Cobain fight

In the middle of a live show , Kurt does a stage dive.

the crowd holds kurt up for a couple of seconds..

Then they push him back to the stage, and they shove kurt hard into the bouncer and the bouncer and Kurt fall onto the stage, I think the guitar might of accidently clipped the bouncer during that.

So the bouncer is got angry about that he just got clipped and starts pushing Kurt in the face while in the crowd, of course Kurt returns with a guitar hit.

Later , Kurt said that he thought the bouncer was another crazy fan who was trying to attack Kurt or something .

You may notice while the bouncer was "making sure Kurt came to no real harm", he pulled kurts hair rather violently, and then kurt hit him over the head of the guitar.