Sunday, July 12, 2009

JLS - New kids on te block

Many thought that JLS would disappear like most Xfactor Finalists.

But this is a surprise, and polish on Beat Again is on par with US Counterparts.

Lyrics make sense and tell a story rather than putting just some catchy tune and words together.

This is one of those tracks you would play in a club, loud !!

At the moment the Brits are showing those US Boys how its done.

JLS look like they are gonna have a very long career unlike Mark Morrison....

Sound Of Silence - the music still live on...

It is really sad to think about the fact that soon, the older generation of music will die away physically but the music will still live on.

I truly believe that the talent of the past will never be repeated again and that the roots of simplicity will be overshadowed by pointless rap and electric guitars as well as voice enhancers.